Frequently asked questions 

What is the Exam Voucher? How to use it?

An exam voucher is a cheap, prepaid authorization to take the test. Typically, you would pay the vendor or the test location to take your certification exam. However, to benefit from our exam voucher offer, you can buy our cheap VMware Certifications & Zend Certification exam vouchers and start saving money right away on your certification examinations.

In your order confirmation email, which you will receive after successfully completing the payment, is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to redeem or utilize your exam voucher codes.

What is "digital delivery" and how does it work?

"Digital Delivery" is the fastest delivery mode of exam voucher program that allows you to purchase and get your vouchers just within a few minutes. See Three Steps for Vouchers-In-Minutes Program below for details. We have been making every effort to provide our customers with the best services and instant supports. That is why our customers are always satisfied with our services.

Three Steps for Delivery

  • You can instantly start saving money on your certification if you order an Exam Voucher from us using the protection offered by Stripe or PayPal.
  • Check the following information in your email as soon as you've placed your order:
    1. If you choose to purchase the exam voucher from our company, we will send you an email with the "Voucher Link." Simply clicking on the link will take you to our "Digital Delivery" platform, where you can acquire the voucher codes in a matter of seconds.
    2. You can also find the "Reference Guide Download Link" in the email that was sent to you when you placed your voucher order. Simply click on the download link, and you will be taken to our download website, where you will be able to quickly access the reference guide and download it.
  • You can register for your exam using just the voucher code that you were given. You can start the registration process for your exam using the voucher code as soon as you have the voucher number.
  • You have been economical and signed up for the exam that you need to take. Proceed immediately to obtain your certification on the day of the exam. We hope that your certification goes smoothly and we wish you the best of luck.
Why do you use Stripe payment and PayPal's transfer system?

We are aware that people are often concerned about using their credit cards to make online purchases. Because of this, we have decided to use Stripe as our credit card processing company, and those customers who prefer to pay via PayPal can do so through PayPal. Both of these companies protect all transactions with an extremely high level of SSL encryption, which makes online shopping both secure and efficient.

You have the privilege of knowing the following information before you pay for the products you want to buy over the internet with your credit card:

  • All of the transactions involving your credit card payment are protected and secured by Stripe, and all transactions involving money transfers on PayPal are protected and secured by PayPal. Even the merchants, such as ourselves, won't be able to acquire your credit card number or any other sensitive financial information from them. This includes anything and everything. It is always safer to make money transfers through the reputable third parties rather than direct bank transfers. Similarly, it is always safer to have your credit card payment go through the reputable third parties rather than those web sites that you have never heard of before.

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